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Checklists & Guides

Checklists & Guides

I have found that checklists are a necessity when it comes to packing for a trip. Yes, more than once I have forgotten to pack a needed item. After doing that two or three times, I started utilizing a packing checklist. Voila! Nothing is forgotten or left behind.

While forgetting something while packing for a trip is not the end of the world, neglecting something in the financial planning process can be very costly and have a detrimental effect on your retirement plan. There can be many things to consider and the complexity of the issue can be the root cause of errors in the decision making process. The checklists and guides below ensure that the big things don’t slip through the cracks. In other words, having a checklist can serve as a type of “due diligence” process, to make sure that all the important planning issues and opportunities are covered.

2024 Important Dates

Important Dates

There are many important dates to keep in mind throughout the year. This “Important Dates” quick reference guide covers the key dates and milestones that are commonly referred to during the year.


2024 Important Milestones

Important Milestones

There are many important milestones that you should keep in mind. Eligibility requirements often depend on your year of birth, residency, or other personal circumstances. This “Important Milestones” quick reference guide covers key milestones that are important to keep in mind.


What Issues Should I Consider

Before I Retire?

Retirement Planning Issues

This checklist covers 32 of the most important planning issues to identify and consider for an individual who is about to retire.

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Should I Consider Doing a

Roth Conversion?

Roth Conversion

There are a lot of important considerations to weigh before doing a Roth conversion. This flowchart addresses some of the major decision points that must be considered.

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Should I Roll Over My Dormant 401(k)?

401(k) Roll Over

401(k)s and IRAs have many unique features that may be beneficial to you, depending on your circumstances. The decision to roll funds out of a former employer’s plan involves more factors than just fees and investment selection. This flowchart addresses some of the most common issues that should be considered before doing a rollover.

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Can I Make A Deductible IRA Contribution?

Deductible IRA Contribution

A traditional IRA is a great option for saving for retirement in a tax-deferred account. However, there are many factors to consider when determining whether you are eligible to make contributions, and whether such contributions will be deductible or not. This flowchart addresses common factors affecting eligibility rules for traditional IRAs.

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